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Enjoy using Aromonix products…… as the product is more natural and not too oily for my skin such as bb cream, facial cream.  The latest product antiseptics spray is very good too, I use it every day for spraying on my clothes after work!  It worths buying, must-buy product, highly recommended.

Jenny Yeung

I have the health problem of Eczema and headaches for many years.  After trying the natural product from Aromonix, I found that a mix of peppermint and rosemary natural oils if pretty good for curing my headache while the lavender cream works well for soothing my eczema too.  I highly recommend Aromonix!

Agnes Tang

I have been suffered acne problems due to the hormone change, the natural ingredients and paraben-free products help my skin healed, I was so thrilled with the results after been looking for a solution for many years. The finest texture works perfectly in high humidity summer in Hong Kong or extremely cold weather in Scandinavia.

Sky Gustafsson

I have been using Aromonix products such as BB Cream, hand cream, lip glosses, etc.  The bb cream is definitely my favorite.  I use it as my foundation daily.  The silky texture of cream helps to keep my skin moist even in the dry cold winter in Canada!  The Aromonix lipgloss is another must-have an item in my purse.  No more cracked lips in the cold winter!  Aromonix only uses pure essential oils as their key ingredients which are very gentle to your skin and absolutely no harm to your health!  Highly recommended! Thanks, Angela and keep the good work going!

 Connie Wong

 I absolutely love love love the lightweight bb cream and the very glamorous lip gloss of Aromonix!  The bb cream gives an instant brightening effect on my skin and the best part is that I don’t feel I am wearing any makeup at all!  The lipgloss is super moisturizing and glides on your lips just like butter!  I honestly would not go anywhere without these two amazing products!  I cannot wait to try more! 

Kelly Baker

Thanks, Aromonix!  My girl has been using the Rose Toner for some time, it balanced the PH level and smooth her skin.  This time they are so looking to try on the custom-blended cleanser and the face cream.  I ordered the eye gel serum with a vibrating applicator for myself. it's like a lifesaver, it is so easy to use and it is very relaxing when I message it every night.  One last thing I especially love the smell of the mini perfume with no artificial fragrance, all essential oil.   

Annie Sidley

The special facial cleanser n cream Aromonix custom made for my teen girl works a magic!Her face is now clear of acne! I am now using their BB Cream, Facial cleanser and facial.   

Kitty Bay

I had acne when i was young that damaged my skin,  I am now living in Australia and the sun is so strong.  After using aromonix skincare products, I can see a big difference which surprises me most.  

July Kong

I have been using the Bb sunscreen, Eye cream, Aloe Vera face mask, custom-made body oil, Anti-aging cream, and Anti-aging oil! The products are unbelievably amazing!  The product you cannot miss is the face cleansing scrub. And the anti-aging oil, I cannot live without it, it is so refreshing and leaves your skin smooth and silky!  Aromonix products save my skin in the most polluted city- Dhaka! Thank you so much, Angela.  .

Allen Chan

 love to use all the Aromonix products especially the eye cream because it has a good moisturizing effect yet it is not greasy.  This product is highly recommended for those people experiencing dryness around the eyes.


My family loves Aromonix products!  We’ve been using their calendula and lavender cream for our children’s eczema, results are amazing and my children love it!  One of my favorites is their colorful lip glosses and BB Cream, they’re both of very light texture and yet very hydrating.  I can’t go anywhere without them!  Family is also using the new antiseptic sprays as hand sanitizers every day and they smell lovely!  I would love to try more products like shampoo, conditions and body wash in the future!  Looking forward to more products to come!  Thanks, Angela! 

Samantha Rattigan

My Teenage daughter loves facial cream!  She loves its non-greasy texture, the natural essential oil smell, the elegant bottle itself, and best its healing effect on her acne.  She is using it daily without me reminding her. Both of us love the facial cleansing cream!  It pleases the face well without leaving our face too dry!  It's just nice and perfect! 

Kitty Bay

I have been suffering from eczema but when I started using Aromonix eczema cream is healing and I also use bb cream which is really good, highly recommend!  


Enjoying using Aromonix products. Great value, Targeted function.    

Maizy Lock

My son has a very bad acne.  But the new potion, which has been specifically made for him by aromonix is really doing wonders. Love it!  

Jane Owen

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